Monday, September 24, 2012

Their Backyard


Tucked away in a quiet surburban street is a haven for flora, for fauna...for us.  On a block just like any other flanked by main roads, a nearby shopping centre, a local school, two souls have created a wild world. Vast trees reach their woody fingertips to the sunlight. Dense green undergrowth veils busy creatures. The air is cooler, cleaner there.

One steamy afternoon many years ago my parents marked out an area at the back of our yard and began digging up the grass. Rainforest plants were lovingly homed in the idle soil and buckets of water were heaved backwards and forwards to nourish them. Many, many times. Over the years this natural land has flourished and it is a place my children and I adore.

There are always cuttings paddling their toes in jars of water waiting patiently for whiskery roots to sprout from within. There are always animals (both the alive...and the not so lucky) to discover; to investigate. There is always tea.

It is an ever evolving micro-organism breathed to life by heart and hand.

It is a sanctuary.

Steph x


Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

Wow!!! Look at your wonderful photos!!! That close up of remy is Divine! As is all the stunning garden and bijou with her grandma! Was this on the way home the other day??? It was so lovely to spend those precious hours with you all!!! It will be a highlight of our trip! Last night tonight.... Why do holidays go so quick!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that really is a little oasis isn't it? I imagine you all get much joy from hanging out in that lush garden.
Remy has grown so much Steph..where does the time go?

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh this place is lush, look at the fruit of their labour & what an amazing carbon sink they've created. Love Poise

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