Thursday, September 13, 2012

Her Space

You come to look for the milestones. The first smile, standing by themselves and walking are all eagerly anticipated and celebrated steps in the journey of life. It's the subtle changes that herald a baby becoming a child that sneak up on you and catch you unawares. The ones that leave hot tears pricking your eyes at the thought of time and how quickly it travels.

Butter soft baby heels hardening ever so slightly as feet go from wee little socks to shoes, from dangling about your waist to running on grass. That tiny hand that has grasped your hair, your breast, your own hand now often pulls away when the wonder of this great world lures it from your hold. The yearning for their own space.

Somewhere to throw themselves headfirst into their imagination and bathe in the intangible yet altogether magical creativity that emerges. A space to digest all that their sponge like brains have soaked up in a day.

To wander in and out of stories. To be alone with their thoughts; alone in their world.

I try to give her such space. I endeavour to create little nooks in our home just for her and her musings to let her imagine, ponder and grow. With immense pride I watch her unfurl in this world. But oh my heart....

Joining in over here this fine day.

Bijou's beanbag made from vintage fabric using a pattern from here. (Obligatory cursing as beans were deposited into said beanbag!) Op shopped basket and dear, sweet Golden Books.


Catherine said...

You have created such a beautiful little space for Bijou where she can immerse herself in those gorgeous books. That fabric is just so so sweet.

P.S. How exciting getting a new camera, what did you get? I hope you're having fun using it. When I first bought mine I didn't get it out of the box till later it all seemed a bit scary at first but I love it now:) xx

sascedar said...

oh this is just beautiful, lovely words and what a gorgeous room. i will be perusing your little corner here, too- thanks for visiting mine! :) sarah (ps. funny, i picked up a piece of that vintage little child print in pinks the other day!)

bron @ baby space said...

love her sweet space! it reminds me of our wee ones' tiny room too :)

Bungalowgirl said...

Beautiful Steph. Looking at both that beanbag and that quilt is reminding of all the crafty plans I am sitting on while this reno consumes all my time. mel x

Anonymous said...

Steph this room couldn't be any more gorgeous! It's truly stunning and I am sure get lots of use.
Love the beanbag, it's super adorable!

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

just adorable! i love a little quiet spot for the kidlets to read. Bijou looks the avid reader and what a gorgeous basket and lovingly make bean bag!!!

ps - nearly packed...getting excited now!!!

anna said...

Such a great idea! At the moment m. takes over both couches and smothers them with books. I wonder if having her own special space would give us our space back :)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

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