Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Ah Birdie! She is finally finished and oh boy, I crawled over the finish line with her. There is something strange and altogether unsettling that happens to a maker of things when they realise that they can indeed make most things...or at least have a decent crack at it.  We have to make it all.
Over the last few months I have become shadowed by a looming mountain of projects. I began writing "to do" craft lists each day in order to slowly sift through the chaos that was my craft cupboard and filed these beside day to day errands, shopping and house work. These had the pungent odour of "chore" about them and the joy that I once gleaned from creating with my hands had all but dried up.
The completion of Birdie (named after a favourite story) however, was the catalyst for change. Yes she was an incredible achievement; something I'd always wanted to make. And yes, she is much loved by Bijou. But the time, the effort, the perseverance I poured into her didn't reap the pride and satisfaction I expected. Quite the opposite. The tediousness that was the last few hours of her creation left a bitter taste in my mouth. I felt a fool! I have let my ideals about handmade become a dogma I know longer wish to prescribe to. What is the sense in "handmaking" my world when it snuffs out the spark of creativity?
 I make every gift we give. I make all those things that make our household tick along. I make my children's clothes (well, alot of them). Lately, I've made an awful lot of work for myself.  Creating runs through my veins and the "mend and make do" philosophy is an ideal we are passionate about so yes, I will continue to do alot of these things. But only those that resonate with meaning. Passed onto kindred spirits who hold dear the value of handmade. Things that enrich our lives.... things that nourish my soul.   I can not nor will not do it all. The winds of change are blowing my friends. And my they smell sweet.



Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

Oh Steph I hear you! No point trudging along on a craft project that does damage to your creativity or sensibility! stick to what you love, or what inspires you or what will be enjoyed. I have many a project that don't get past the first stage because I felt that my heart wasn't in it. Having said that...Birdie is adorable and I'm sure will be enjoyed...perhaps seeing that will soften the torture you had to endure!

two more sleeps!!! Eeek!

Anna... said...

Oh Birdie is just divine! I'm sure she will become a much-loved member of your sweet little family. I admire you so much Steph for having the ability to create so many gorgeous things for your friends and family. I'm only at the very beginning of my "crafting" path and I will be sure to remember your wonderful, honest words in this post xx

Catherine said...

Birdie is beautiful Steph well worth all of the effort that you have put into her and will be treasured by Bijou for many years to come. I do understand what you are saying I want to make everything, sure I can make that rather than buy but I have been trying to choose wisely and not be annoyed with myself for not creating as much for it is important to enjoy the process too. xx

anna said...

such a sweet little thing she is.

i know what you mean about the 'i can therefore i will' making mentality. i always have to remind myself of this david allen quote: you can do anything, but not everything.

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful Bijou with always treasure this sweet sweet doll Steph. My boys and i truly love "dino" and "ollie" and all the other beautiful handmade keepsakes that you have made for us ... so special you are and thank you for your fb message -i will give you a call tomorrow for a chat and we can make a date for our catch up and play xx

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