Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grateful for ....Friendship

♪ Make new friends, but keep the old ♪ One is silver and the other gold. ♪ Tis this beautiful little song I used to teach my wee preppies that sums up all I feel about friends. Magic!

Old and dear ones who you can share braces, permed hair and spiky fringe, cringe worthy stories of your computer teacher and his "too high" pants where you laugh so much you nearly wee your pants!

Gentle new ones who are as much like kindred spirits as those you've known for years.

Those you share all your Mumma worries and gripes. The ones who you can happily chat away the night fuelled with crême brulée and laughter. Thanks so much lovely K.

Gorgeous creatures you've only ever shared heart to hearts with through email (and a most unexpected and ever so touching phone call on my birthday!) but you feel such a wonderful connection to.

And those lovely souls who generously give so much of themselves without ever asking anything in return. The beautiful Kylie of Mealy and I has become such a friend...and to think we met through our blogs!! She knitted this simply perfect little jacket for poppet's birthday and has offered to crochet a blanket for her big girl bed á la dottie angel. What a treasure! The girl also makes a mean choc chip bikkie!!

Ah friends! They make me smile a crinkly eyed smile!!

What are you grateful for this week? Absolutely oodles I'm sure!!!


Cate said...

gorgeous! friends of all kinds are just the best!! friends make the world go 'round :-)

Sarah said...

this post made my heart sing ... you and your lovely little Bijou make me smile and i can't wait for many more little play dates and catch up's over hot coffee! see you next week lovely friend xxx

Kylie said...

Oh Thankyou lovely friend. You too are gold. I am so glad that we meet on this lovely blogland and have struck a friendship in real life. How sweet does the cardi look, can't wait for her to grow into it. See you next week. x Kylie

Posie Patchwork said...

I am so very lucky to know both you & Kylie personally, so i can imagine your sheer joy & appreciation, she's one special gal!! Maybe i can catch up with both of you in Brisbane at Easter, funnily enough, i'm grouping bloggie friends for my visits. Love Posie

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

what a sweet cardi - oh it is so delightful, i can just imagine Bijou wearing this! And i admire anyone that can knit (as i simply cannot!) what a lovely gift to her from such a lovely friend! I can't help but have a pang of frustration, that we too can't get together for real life chats and coffee and watch our kids play together - although i am just so grateful blogland has allowed so many to find such wonderful spirits - lets hope we can meet soon though! have a lovely weekend gorgeous one xx

Maxabella said...

I see you as a treasured friend to many, Steph. I am grateful to have met you via blogging and share a little of your world and wisdom too. x

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