Monday, February 21, 2011

Fancy Pants - The Birds!!!!

Many moons ago I chatted to you about my irrational fear of birds....and other wildlifey things! I mentioned a particular incident involving my loving big brother. A memory so vivid and horrendous I hardly feel I can unlock that vault. Who knows what will fly out! ;) Cue eerie music and flapping noises.

Once upon a time a beautiful princess (Ahem...I do have poetic license you know) and her parents set off on a weekend adventure. The princess's evil brother (O.K. a bit over the top but quite fitting for the you soon will see) loved to torment the gentle and caring lass in which ever way he could. And what a conjurer of dark tricks he was!!

Upon reaching their grand destination (Wildlife Currumbin Bird Sanctuary) and handing over their gold to in turn receive small platters of Rainbow Lorikeet food (read: sloppy, honey-ish bread and water) they perched upon a wee log and waited. And waited...and waited. Where were the jaunty feathered friends who were proclaimed to land ever so lightly on ones platter and sup at the delicate nectar? Well, the evil brother overcome with boredom and general evil-ness decided to "bump" the good and kind princess showering her with the sweet smelling sludge.

As the King and Queen tried to mop at the princess's blouse with satiny kerchiefs a flock of lorikeets was spied. Without further ado....they descended, perching merrily upon the most delicious and most abundant feeder (i.e. the princess!!) and nibbled and clawed until their bellies were full and their hearts content. The end.
My skin still crawls with the thought! But believe it or not, this tale of woe was not enough to dampen my love of all things "birdie" in print, on fabric, homewares...the list goes on. Crazy huh!
Harem pants: Dotti
Owl shirt: Kenji
Woven booties: Sportsgirl
Silver bib necklace: Sportsgirl
I'm joining in with this lovely lass today.


Kymmie said...

As much as I love the dimensions of that bird shirt, I can't take my eyes of that necklace. Oh my! Stunning! Thanks for linking up at Fancy Pants. Your style is so unique and gorgeous. I love seeing what other people wear. And your stuff is edgy! xx

Kylie said...

Oh dear lord, he is a devil. I don't blame you for being petrified of said things with flappy wings. Glad that you still like the printed things, lets hope that Miss B doesnt want a bird in years to come to match her birthday cake and birdy calls.

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

oh dear - i think our brothers could be twins too!! Mine would certainly have done that! Now i don't know how i missed this post - damn blogroll sometimes doesn't show your blog (travesty of the highest kind!) - but i simply LOVE this outfit...those shoes are just too cute for words and well, the top is stunning, just stunning!!! teaming it up with that bling is just a match made in heaven - you look gorgeous xx

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