Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tucker Time

I'm sure I make it pretty obvious that I am besotted with my wee kidlets and adore being a stay at home Mumma. Unfortunately this positive energy I'm sending out into the universe has not created me a force field saving me from the regular battles we all face in this raising children biz. Such as the "I'm going to flit from the stairs to the mail box, to the dandelions I simply must pick, to the gravel on the driveway that I'll hurl at the road even though I've been told umpteen million times not to, to the little nook below my car seat where I'll reef off my shoes that Mumma spent the last ten minutes wrangling me into, to finally the car seat where an exhausted Mumma loses all patience and heaves me into said seat and attempts to strap my contorting body in and wonders why she bothered to do her hair this morning such is the bird's nest  it has become after such a tussle."

And then there's the "I'm going to prance around in nought but my taffeta ballerina costume as the temperature drops and the wind howls flashing the neighbours with my bare behind as I jump ever so exuberantly on my trampoline. The trampoline that I will refuse to get off when it's time to come inside and deftly manoeuvre myself to the far side so Mumma is forced to climb on to retrieve me.... again with the contorting body. Oh and Mumma sooo loves when the elderly lady next door watches this whole series of shenanigans unfurl and then smiles that, "children in my day" smile."

But thankfully, we have never had to deal with the "food" battle. From the day dot Bijou ate...and ate...and then she ate some more! She will try anything and greedily consumes all that's placed before her with gusto.

Well it appears the little man is gonna be exactly the same. No way known could I have experimented with the baby led feeding where you give your poppets finger food only. He simply could not get it into his belly quick enough. He needs a shovel that delicate little love of mine!

Oh yes he's smiling now! Cause his belly is full. Ten minutes before...the tears were a'rollin.

Some new bibs for Monsieur Remoulade as he enjoys tucker time. I used some old kokka double gauze I had in my stash and some vintage chenille for the back. The bib pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby was the perfect shape. I just added a seam allowance, sewed the fabrics right side together leaving a turning gap and then turned them right way out and top stitched all around. A little press stud and we're off and ....eating!
Joining in with all this crafty wonder.


Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

you had me laughing and smiling all the way through this post....ahhhh the joys of motherhood hey! yes, the trampoline wrangle is a common occurrence at my house too! Little Remy is growing up so goodness that smile is just divine! so glad you have wonderful eaters and those bibs...oh! now i just need a baby to make them for (not me...someone else will do!) much love to you all xx

Bungalowgirl said...

Firstly that baby is so delicious I am swooning. Secondly all three year old girls have a little bit of witch in them this week I think. Mine is going through a very strong NO and NOT phase. She has also dropped all naps and is irrational from 4-6 pm. Don't even get me started in the clothing situation. Deep breaths, by 5 they are positively lovely ( well big brother anyway). melx

Bron said...

They are great....I think most of us could relate to your "shenanigans" mine are older now but still have their own mischief to deal with. xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh he's so scrummy!! Yes, children like to pick their battles with you. Have to say, our twins got into some big mischief but it was funny, where their big sister & little brother could totally mess with my head - as they threw some enormous tantrums. It all makes sense later, they were just too smart trapped in little bodies, where the twins had a fellow guide, it kept them in check, they had an equal.
The bibs are gorgeous, enjoy Bijou, all i can say is the more the defy you now, the less likely they are going to succumb to peer pressure later (fact) & now i'm at the teenager stage - the more they argue, the less likely they are to do drugs (well i have one hell of an argue candidate, it's me all over again, drug free too!!) Love Posie

Kylie said...

He looks very happy in his new bib and a full tummy. How do they manage to grow so fast.
Enjoy Miss 3.5 - it is not an easy stage for any mother. Allow extra time and as long as she is safe and happy who cares if her hair is not done or she has no shoes. I don't think the elderly ever took their kids out of the house in fear of being on show (or humiliated)

george said...

that is a mirror image of my day too! except i don't have a trampoline. was thinking of buying one. maybe i don't need that extra battle but think the good times outweigh the bad on that one!

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