Wednesday, July 18, 2012


As I look out the window right at this moment...the sky is grey. Dark slately grey. Soft rain falls from the clouds and I can no longer see the city such is the haze it is enveloped in. My body is wrapped in soft wool and my feet are clad in slippers that have seen one too many Winters. My hands clasp the first of many cups of tea today. Winter.

But amidst all this hibernation, this warming, this staying indoors...there is the whisper of Spring.

Heirloom tomatoes gratefully accepted and then greedily consumed have left a little bounty of tiny flecks of life. Seeds.

Ruby red in a glass jar. Left on the window sill til hidden under a mossy coverlet. The more rigid outer casing now easily washed away and set to dry.  Now you must wait little ones. Wait for the sun.


Maxabella said...

How exciting! I had no idea they went mouldy and then the seeds were there. It looks amazing. x

Anonymous said...

Nice mould!

Posie Patchwork said...

You are artistic to the core Steph, love it, love Posie

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