Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Her Pajama Bag

We have been embracing a new rhythm to our day. Now that the time the sun lights our yard is shorter, afternoons spent frolicking outdoors in the garden bare footed are but Spring time memories. 

Inside we potter around the kitchen watching large cast iron pots glub and plop their way to nourishing and warming Winter fare. Steamed puddings clank away on the stove patiently awaiting their unveiling and secretly revelling in the sticky jammy finale they have hidden beneath all that spongy heaven.

Snippets of paper, fabric, glue and glitter covering the table. Puzzles are strewn over the floor. He babbles in his new way and we smile often. Early baths are welcome.
Dinner is a family affair...everyone helps prepare, everyone eats, everyone helps to clean up.  Lights are dimmed. A candle is lit to symbolise the beginning of what we call "slowing down" time.

Stories are read.  A milky cuddle for the little man. The candle is blown out. The blanket show follows soon after.

In an attempt to simplify our days I created a pajama bag for Bijou that we pack with her pjs each morning along with three picture books to read that evening. Come bath time, the bag is slung over the bathroom door and Bijou can dress herself and set up the lounge for stories. Such a simple gesture...such a wonderful help for the night time transition.

I used some vintage fabric and a delightful bag pattern from my favourite fabric shop, "The Quilters Corner". It has a really wide opening just perfect for a little person to access by themselves.


bron @ baby space said...

it's gorgeous! that fabric is divine.

Anonymous said...

Steph this is such a lovely tradition to start and gives your girl some ownership over which books she gets to choose. Really love the style and fabric you used..it would be perfect as a market bag when only a few things were needed to be purchased.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

What a beautiful picture you paint with your words. The sound of those puddings is making my mouth water! The idea of the pyjama bag is inspired!! I absolutely love it and may just have to steal the idea! When i was growing up we had a soft toy each that held our pyjamas inside but I love the idea of independence that your pj bag brings. Just what you need when you are busy with another little person at that time of day. Clever you!

Tania said...

What a charming piece for the bedtime routine. Gorgeous choice of fabrics with the ric rac. I love this idea and will keep it in mind when Violet moves into her own bed.

Cindy said...

Very sweet - love the colours.

Ana Lopes said...

Hi Steph,

So cute and the colours are gorgeous!
I loved your blog so many beautiful things. The children toys so great.

Have a look at my blog I’ll be glad.

Hugs from Portugal

Ana Love Craft


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