Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Flicking through an old photo album this morning I barely recognised the person who appeared before me. The string bikini clad snippet of a thing with too much sun on her shoulders and not enough cloth on her body, the dark haired girl with woven wool wrapped tightly about her throat grinning madly under the Eiffel Tower, the carefree lass toasting nothing in particular with a long flute of champers....and manicured nails.
That stiletto heeled girl has long walked off into the sunset. The wardrobe is far less full, the crinkles around the eyes have deepened and my belly now bears the scar of two heartbreakingly long and arduous labours. But time has given me clarity...and peace.
When I reached the pages filled with my man and my babies I felt at home. This chapter of my life however influenced by my past existence is my greatest work. I have changed; I have grown and am so immensely proud of inner battles I've fought...and won. There is still work to be done.
My home is my everything now and those that fill it are my world. I have wholeheartedly embraced  this role and have thrown myself into it's daily, often mundane tasks. I cook from scratch, I sew, I make do. I breastfeed and cloth nappy my smallest, I thrift, I renovate, I don't vacuum as much as I should. I knit, I grow vegetables, I still have too much sugar in my tea, I make mud pies with my babies, I smile often. I am happy.
In order to create a space that reflects the me of today I have decided to change my blog name and move to a new address. How? I don't have a clue!  I've noticed that fellow bloggers have done this so any advice would be so very appreciated.  As this blog is really a family journal of our goings on I would hate to lose any of my old posts. Treacherous territory? Or simply another step of this adventure of mine.
Steph x


sascedar said...

Steph I so look forward to seeing where you take your space. I agree with your words today, too, though in my imagination I look like I did when I was 16, the wrinkles and rolls shock me some days! Have a happy day, sarah :)

quilary said...

If you go to your blogger dashboard on the left hand side is "my blogs" Click on that and you have the option to start a new blog with whatever name you want. You put a link to your new blog in the last post of your old blog and your readers and subscribers can join your new site. Both blogs will be managed from the same dashboard.

If you want to use another blog site like wordpress, make a new account altogether. Don't delete the old blogger blog.

Enjoy your new adventure

purplepear said...

What a lovely post.It's so lovely to hear a young mum rejoicing in her role. For me it went far too quickly and I can only advise young mums to do exactly as you do. As for changing your blog I have no advice at all. Sorry!

cupcakecutie said...

We will happily follow you wherever you go. As a mother of two children similar ages to yours I always enjoy reading your have such a peotic way with words. Keep up the good work!

Kitty said...

A beautiful post.
Sometimes I look back on old photos and barely recognise myself.
I think with age too, we become more settled with who we are. Content.
Gorgeous photo too.

On the blog note. I'm pretty sure you can go into blogger settings and change your blog address name.
It's under Settings= Basic = Publishing.

Good luck x

Anna... said...

Very brave Steph... but I'll follow wherever you go! xxx

Kylie said...

It can be done and you can merge the old posts into the new blog name.
Give me a an hour and I will get these kids off to school and will give you a call.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

What a beautiful post. Always lovely to read of people looking back on their lives and on their current situation and finding joy and contentment but still happy to embrace change. I have always enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to the next stage!

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

ooohh stephy what a lovely post...almost had be a little teary! If you want to start a completely new blog just go to your dashboard and "start new blog" which means you can have your old one and new one in the one spot! I've thought of changing my blog name, but given I can't think of anything better I'll just stick with what I've got so far. Can't wait to see your "new" look blog xx

Bungalowgirl said...

Looking forward to the new you Steph but love everything about your blog so not sure what on earth you could be changing. Btw your children are the cutest, alongside mine of course! mel x

Kirsty said...

Such a beautifully written post.

It's a good time - I'm glad you're enjoying it. x

Caroline said...

I once changed my blog name slightly by changing the address name (as Kitty described). If you decide to start again on a new blog I'll be following along for sure.

Can't wait to see where you take us with your little re-direction. Good on you!

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