Thursday, June 28, 2012


My beautiful girl has inherited her Mumma's pale, pale skin. Skin without a hint of colour. Skin that doesn't tan...just frizzles to a crisp. I gave up that "bronzing" affair many moons ago and decided to be the poster girl for milky white limbs (a tough gig in sunny Queensland let me tell you!).

What with my own Mumma Bear having monthly visits to her doctor for skin cancer zaps...or worse still, cuts. And me having a few dubious moles in the past I have become Super (read: crazy!) Sun Mother defender of all things pale and burnable.

So when mon petit poppet's hat got a whisker too small it was time to make a new one..or three.

One for home for effervescent displays of circus tricks on the trampoline.

Another for the car for impromtu visits to the park.

And a final one to keep at Nana and Ajafather's house (Ajafather if Bijou-ese for Grandfather. She has been able to say "grandfather" for ages but Ajafather has stuck).

Using the bucket hat pattern from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew and shopping my stash once again these pretties were pulled together with some vintage sheeting and odd scrappity scraps of polka dot loveliness.

Whirling around on the swing till she gets dizzy. Magic.
That girl is my sunshine!

Joining a crafty crew over here.
At time of post it has been raining for the entire week! Sun? What sun?


Catherine said...

Gorgeous hats for a gorgeous little girl. xx

Michelle said...

just too cute Steph! would also like one of those little cardies for myself :)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

Oh Steph! i love that pattern and whipped a hat for my little girl using it but i love your idea of making three and leaving one in the car....never without a hat! My Bijou is growing up....she looks more and more like you...adorable shots and i hope that Sun makes an appearance soon and you get lots of hat wearing days xx

Maxabella said...

I love it, Stephanie and I love these photos. x

Fiona said...

Hi there, after I saw this post I attempted to also make this hat as I have this patten however I have a silly question.. do you add seam allowances to the pattern pieces? (I'm a bit of a beginner) I made a medium for my daughter who is 3 but it turned out so small and really only good for a one year old! your ones looks so beautiful...

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