Friday, June 8, 2012

Cooking with My Girl

Poppet and I have always baked together. From when she was a wee babe sitting on a blanket surrounded by cushions near the kitchen I would give a Nigella-esque cooking demonstration of whatever fancy I was making that day.

We graduated to the kitchen bench when she was a whisker older and she has happily (and greedily) helped me conjure up sweet treats to satisfy taste buds, tummies...and souls.

On a recent weekly jaunt to the local library to stock up on all things wonderful and literary mon petit poppet chanced upon a child's cookbook. And with this innocent discovery a whole new world of cooking has evolved.

Armed with her pictorial ingredient list she scoured the fridge and pantry to see whether we had all the necessary bits and bobs. Spiced bikkies were decided upon as only one lonely egg could be found.

Following the step by step pictures I guided her to make the dough but quite frankly she was an old hand!

Running tragically short on decorations of the "fun" variety we chose some slivered almonds, sultanas, chopped dried fig and apricots. And so Henri Matisse began her work.

This is me! I love all the almonds on my big boobies filled with milk for Remy I'm told!!!

A magical experience for both Mumma and poppet. Today spiced bikkies...tomorrow...Master Chef Junior?!
Have a grand weekend lovelies!


Anonymous said...

Oh how precious! Some of my most favourite moments are spent in the kitchen with our children and this is such a magical age to indulge in the joy of baking...though some days I can't face the hours it takes to make a single batch of cookies so I wait till bed time.
Must remember to look for a kids cookbook next time we are at the library.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend Steph :)

amanda@Live Life Simply said...

Hi Steph, you have a lovely blog..I love these pics of your daughter creating in the kitchen!

Caroline said...

Hooray for one lonely egg. And almond boobies are most important also! xx

Cindy said...

She looks like she's having a ball!

Posie Patchwork said...

Beautiful, they even look tribal. Nice healthy twist on a delicious baked snack, awesome mothering as always, love Posie

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