Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Crafting

There has been a flurry of all things Easter-y in our humble abode as mon petit poppet awaits with giddy anticipation for the arrival of the little grey furred choccie giving fellow we fondly know as Mr. Bilby (we're a Bilby household here!).

Some rather noxious looking polystyrene eggs made their way into my trolley at the abyss that shall not be named (just like Voldemort in Harry Potter...if we say it out loud it will swallow us up!). Bijou made light work of fancifying them for our Easter branch.

 Our very own Mr. E. Bilby made from an old milk carton using this one as a guide.

Our Easter Bilby is rather a stingey fellow so we only used a 500ml carton!

Easy peasy lemon squeezie bread dough saw bunnies, birds and all manner of eggs evolve. A random chopstick in the "second drawer" was just the thing to make little holes to thread ribbon through.  (Dissolve 1/4 cup salt in 1/2 cup warm water. Mix in 1 cup flour and knead for a wee while. Make shapes and bake for an hour at about 160 degrees or until hard)

 Some fluffy chicks which took all of about 5 minutes to make by gluing a little yellow pom pom to a larger one, attaching some googly eyes and a scrap of felt for a wee beak. These fellows have come up trumps as they have been played with constantly since they were made.

A few trips to the chicken vet have been needed though!

And some wet felted Easter eggs thanks to this gorgeous dose of inspiration.

Such a simple and really lovely activity on a warm Autumn morning. Gorgeous conversations about birds and eggs too!

Rainbow eggs dried in the sun and then popped in a Mumma knitted nest. I used the treasure bowls pattern from this book but just made it not quite so deep. Can see a few more of these squishy nests and eggs coming together for birthday gifts for little friends!

Such fun we've had! Can't wait for that big eared soul to come a visitin'.


Maxabella said...

I wish I was you sometimes. This looks like great fun for the girls!! x

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Such gorgeous craftiness going on at your house! She looks likes she's having so much fun in the first shot. Those felted eggs are just adorable!

Kylie said...

Happy Easter to you all.

Lots of crafting happening here too (flying solo this Easter, you know that life of this dear wife) So trying to make it a fun Easter and school holiday break.

Love the little eggs and the basket that you whipped up:) said...

Steph, where do you find the time! You're amazing and ever so patient crafting with bijou. I best not show the girls they will be so jealous. Happy Easter to you guys too xx

Bungalowgirl said...

How you fit all this crafting in with a baby is beyond me. love those felted eggs. melx

bron @ baby space said...

those felted eggs and knit basket are adorable! what a great activity.

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