Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All things wooly

Well it seems I have been well and truly bitten by the knitting bug! I still adore pottering away on old Jan when I can snatch a few moments without my shadow to do so but am loving the portability and "I've got a spare second between wiping bottoms, washing, and cleaning up food" style of this wooly craft.

Just like my beloved sewing  I also have more than one knitted project on the go at one time (oh and a crochet one too!). Sometimes I need a "no brainer" back and forth kinda knit that I can haul out into the backyard and clickety clack while one babe fossicks about the vegie patch for another fat bean to gobble and the other investigates his chubby feet on a rug beside me.

Then there's the more challenging patterns where I can plant my behind on the lounge sans children and strain the few brain cells that haven't become null and void due to firstly pregnancy, then breastfeeding and broken sleep (I really can't complain as the little man has slept through from 6:30 pm to around 7:00 am the last few nights! Bless!). You tube has become a dear acquaintance of mine on this knitting journey. I especially love this lady's simple tutorials.

And who would have thought that my wool stash would be starting to rival my endless pile of fabric! Six months ago I wouldn't have even know what a skein was (the wool in the piccie above) let alone known how to roll it into balls. Loving all this new learning!

The little grey cardi is for Remy and is knitting up really quickly. The lemon one (of which there's not an awful lot done) is the re-cast on version of this disaster. And the blue shrug needs only to have the ends woven in and be blocked (terms I had no idea what they meant short weeks ago!). The yummy red and teal wools are for a wee vest-ey affair and a long sleeved cardi for my girl.
The gorgeous girl at my absolute favourite wool shop insisted I start something for myself. Maybe I might cast these on tonight. One can never have too many projects on the go.....can they?


Catherine said...

You are a very busy bee there Steph. I love the look of all those beautiful knitted cardigans you're making, I just wish I understood the whole knitting thing I would love a knit just for me. And that wool shop is seriously lovely, I could buy lots in there. Have a lovely week. xx

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

oh steph, you know i really do envy you! i have pretty much given up hope of ever knitting anything that resembles anything remotely wearable! that card and those wool look divine and i love that you have found a little portable craft to fit in between cuddles, tea and nappy soaking! I CANNOT wait till september and i can see you and talk all about the mad world of craft and motherhood! I'm not sure how far you are from Noosa, but a day trip to meet somewhere is well on my holiday agenda! wishing you blissful more nights sleep (what a good man!)
ps - LOVE you back

Anonymous said...

Until recently I had forgotten just how much I enjoy being on the needles. Like you I love how portable a craft it is and that you can either be doing some mindless knitting that is almost robotic or something that requires a little more attention and focus.
The kinda is a gorgeous knit and I am quite partial to the threes as well.
I am slowly once again building up my wool stash and itching to make something for myself.
Happy knitting Steph :)

Polka Dot Daze said...

You make me want to learn to knit!

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