Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fancy Pants...when is recycling wrong?

I have a wee confession to make. Many silvery moons ago when I was a prep teacher I accidentally borrowed....,o.k. stole this man's shirt from the kiddies dress ups. Am I just the worst person ever?!!!! Now I have never stolen anything in my life. Honestly not a thing...that is until this shirt.

O.K. for what it's worth here's my logic. A: They had oodles of clothes (many donated by me I might add from numerous and often costly visits to op I redeeming myself a little?). B: I used it one day as a paint shirt when some little munchkin had absconded with my apron and took it home to be washed. And C: It looked trés fab with the collar up á la Audrey Hepburn and cinched in at the waist with a funky belt!!! Ah fickle fashion!

But what a stayer this number has been. It's been carted out year after year , makes friends so well with newer items and always makes me feel polished and funky....albeit a wee bit guilty.

And this Autumn has been no exception. Yank on my s & b black rats, and some fetching shoes and this kleptomaniac is feeling fine!

I hope you had a gorgeous Mumma's day and were indulged with heartfelt handmade burnt toast and cold tea and showered with glorious poppet love. Me...I had a day of magic with my loves. A new cookbook, some choccies and a shirt. New.....from a shop! Ha!!

Leggings: sass and bide

Booties: Sportsgirl

Belt: Sportsgirl

Shirt: Well we know the sordid tale here!

Check out what this classy gal is frocking up in today!


Cate said...

Oh, my post tonight was all about letting my daughter know about the mistakes I have made in my life...please let us know if one day you 'fess this one up to the kiddy!!! LOL
It's looks tres fancy pants btw!!

Kylie said...

You crack me up:)

I might pop in tomorrow - is thy mobile working? I shall send you a text (have to pop into the city - do you need anything?)

Sarah said...

It looks great, especially with the flipped up collar! I would have 'borrowed' it too ;)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

heheheh! oh loving this tale! what a hoot - only the other day i was at Judes Kindy and spoted a gorgeous vintage scarf in their dress ups. for a millisecond i thought about asking if i could have it! oh the shame! I needed a good excuse (like a bump to the head) in order to claim that i needed it! Looking stunning as always. You know I have a pair of those black rats (impulse purchase) and never worn them - i feel unsure as to whether they are "me"! tags still on and everything! but the way you've styled them, oh my, Audrey would be proud! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day with a scribble card and sloppy kisses to boot! xx

Trace said...

you funny thing! You look lovely

Anonymous said...

Well I gotta say you pull that shirt off really well, it looks fab on you :)

Had to chuckle at the tale behind how it came to be in your posession!

btw: I received your little parcel today...thank you so much, I loved the tissue holders when you posted them and love even more that I am now the proud owner of one :)

Thank you Steph

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Hahaha! You look FAB... way better than any prep kid would have in that shirt so MEH.... all I got from my classroom time was stickers and folders and files... can't wear THEM can I? ;)
Happy Mother's Day!

Bubby Makes Three said...

I don't think that is half so bad as..... stealing a Rainbow Bright doll from donations to go to charity? I still cant believe I did it. Those poor children!
LOVE your shoes btw, if only I could carry off being stylish like you!

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

I've eyed off a few vintage pieces in various dress up boxes belonging to friends/kindy myself!
Lovely post, Steph - and LOVE those boots!!

nicole said...

oh but it looks so good! fantastic even!
worth that little ping of guilt i'd say.

RobynK said...

Just dropped by from visiting Dabbling all day and admiring your embroidery.
Lol, I may not have been guilty physically of the crime of knicking things from the dress ups but mentally I'm sure I could be charged for it!
As you've contributed to the dress up box, and that shirt looks like it was made for you, I think you can quell any 'guilts' that it wasn't outright stealing but a reasonable trade :).
I'm wondering what brand the shirt was so I can look for one on my op-shop trips as it's obviously good quality.

Kymmie said...

Oh, I love a naughty tale, and this one is fantastic. As is that shirt, I might like to add. And it's almost worthwhile seeing you still have it, and you still wear it!

So glad you linked up this week. I've missed your fancy pants! xx

The O's said...

Tres Chic! I'd love my waist to look that tiny or to have an ounce of your style. I am a casual reader of your blog... I am also a casual kleptomaniac. I borrowed and removed all records of a smocking textile book from my high school library. One of the benefits of being a librarian at school, you know how to remove the traces of... It is buried in box in my bedroom at my parents in another country, it might be safe as will my secret.

cleptomanes du monde unissez-vous!

polkadotpeticoat said...

you always look amazing! in everything now if I put those boots on they would look so wrong but on you they look amazing!
did you finish the bathroom?

Bron said...

Cute shirt! Totally worth it ;)
And have I mentioned that I love your bedroom?

The Beetle Shack said...

ahaha this is excellent! I also am a teacher (high school vis art) and have been guilty of pocketing a teeny tiny tea towel that was oh so 1970's cool- i couldn't leave it there to get paint on it, could i?

love your blog, gonna follow

xo em

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