Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day..and a winner!!

* The lucky Mandy (receipt number 3202668) is the winner of my wee little mademoiselle. I'll help her pack her Louis Vuitton trunk and have her jetting off to her new home in a jiffy Mandy. Thank-you to everyone who joined in...thanks to you we raised another $90 for the Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal.*
Watching poppet play in her wee little pool this afternoon I was enveloped with cicada song. Thankful for the shade of the Coolibah tree (o.k. so it was a Lilly Pilly but surely you can grant me some poetic license on such a day!) I pondered this great land and its people. The stinging sun, fish and chips on the beach, "G'day", a female prime minister, free education for all children, delectable fresh food in all colours of the rainbow, breathtaking and abundant flora ,the resilience of our inspiring farmers, mateship, double plugger thongs, endless blue skies, the call of a whip bird, the right to vote, university access to all.... pies with mushy peas.

Hubby took part in a charity bike ride the other day led by none other than the legendary Lance Armstrong and Robbie McEwen with all proceeds going to the Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal. Lance addressed the crowd and spoke of his awe at the volunteer effort. As the world watched the disaster unfold, Lance watched dumb struck as traffic jams clogged the city of Brisbane....because people were heading toward the devastation to help out a stranger. Thousands upon thousands of people of all ages and walks of life (including my wonderful Hubby, Mum and Dad) lined up to lend a hand. Such is the nature of an Australian.

I often wax lyrical about France and all her many beauties but it is the people of this grand nation that have my heart! To the Aussies! You little rippers!!!

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CurlyPops said...

Sometimes it takes the words from someone who chose to live here to make us realise how lucky we really are!

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