Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Les gâteaux de papillon - { Butterfly cakes }

What a magic long weekend we had at Mooloolaba! My hubby smashed his personal best time in the triathlon (yes, there were tears), we took poppet to Underwater World and I started my knitting!!! I am a third of the way through the back piece and although for you experienced knitters this must sound tiresomely is quite an achievement for me. I must admit the first half of the weekend was spent untangling the delicious Debbie Bliss wool that my dear little bébé had delight in playing kitten with. Now just trying to find my groove again with the needles. There is something rather relaxing about that gentle click, clack, click.

Today called for butterfly cakes. These lovelies were a regular in my house in all manner of guises...chocolate being my favourite. My gorgeous Mum used to make the most luscious mock cream with what seemed like the ingredients found in Mother Hubbard's cupboard. It never ceased to amaze me how she could cajole the whisper of sugar, butter, milk and boiling water into a delightful froth enough to generously fill a whole batch of patty cakes. On that note, my Mum has strictly forbidden the use of the term "cup cake"! She insists they be called by their traditional name hence being respectful to the Nana who taught her to make them. Patty cakes it is then!
The mock cream however, I always seem to curdle. In a rush no doubt. I replaced Mum's mock cream with raspberry jam and fresh double cream. When the saying in our house is "cream makes the world go round" you can't go wrong. In fact, we have a saying about butter too...but that's another post.


Kylie said...

And they were lovely - thankyou so much for sharing - looking forward to another play date very soon (with playing involved this time!) Amelia is standing beside me saying "Your friend Mum, She gave those to us - what is your friends name?"

Love to all and hope that your little poppet is on the improve soon.

Little Munchkins said...

Hello Steph! I found you through Kylie. Well, I have to admit it's those patty cakes which drew me to your blog. I am glad I did!

I will be sure to drop by more often :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

they are absolutely gorgeous! and so are your butterflies.

Romi Jade said...

Aww beautiful, delicious!!

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