Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Better Late Than Never Chrissie Post!

With a Christmas craft list as long as my labour I entered the festive season full of optimism...well, ridiculous, sleep deprived delirium. There were to be some gorgeous new vintage Christmas fabric bags to rid our gift giving time of tree chewing paper.

A new Christmas dress for poppet using a delicate swatch of pale blue birdy Christmas fabric...a rare find in itself.

Home made preserves, cordials and bikkies with wee little hats made from perfectly manicured Christmas linens with natty pinking sheared edges....oh, Donna Hay you are just a whisker too much to live up to!

 And vintage Chrissie tea towel stockings for my gorgeously growing family. Well, what with my world being consumed with mountainous mammories, sweet milky breathed cuddles, a dear hearted little lass serenading her wee brother with exuberant renditions of Feliz Navidad at a decibel level one or two notches above loud....while he sleeps!, the stockings were the only item that found it's way out of my craft cupboard.

And truth be told...they were hung on the eve of Mr. S. Claus's grand entrance in our humble abode!

It felt so good to be creating again. I know that I will only snatch windows of time for the next while to indulge my passion to make but am finding all manner of delight in my best creations of all babies.

I hope your Christmas was a wonderful one and I'm so looking forward to sharing this amazing new chapter of my life with you in the new year. Your support has been remarkable!!
Ta very muchly lovely people!


Kylie said...

I think you're amazing for making those sweet little Chrissy stockings with a newborn and a toddler in the house Steph!

Vic said...

Beautiful & I don't think I said CONGRATULATIONS!!! Happy New Year to you Steph, I hope it's all that you wish for & more.

Amanda said...

You should be very proud of even making it to the sewing machine with a newborn in your household. All crafty projects for me have been shelved at the moment with Sophie still needing a lot of attention and I was a bit disappointed at first that all my Christmas plans and ideas didn't eventuate, but at the end of the day, we were all together as a family and that made this Christmas a special one x

Bungalowgirl said...

Happy new year to you Steph. Now we completely understand the limited crafting going on at your place, however the lack of cute baby images is simply not on! melx

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