Friday, September 2, 2011

Washing Powder

We have been making our own washing powder for quite some time and have always had great results. The recipe however was a tad time consuming and at a stage of my life where I'll forgo basically anything (not food!!) for a Nanna nap, finely grating a bar and a half of soap is sooooo not happening!

But when I unearthed this miraculous book of homey wisdom in the local library I found a new recipe that takes literally minutes to make. I've since purchased the book and continue to read and re-read it for household recipes and inspiration.

You simply chuck the ingredients in the food processor and give it an almighty whizz. What you create is a lovely fragrant and bubba skin and "Flipper" (remember him?) friendly laundry powder that works a treat.

I've trebled the original recipe to save even more time for kipping. "Yay!" says my pillow!

Wendyl Nissen's Laundry Powder
3 cups washing soda (try to get the soda not the crystals...I just got mine from Woolies!)

3 cups baking soda (bicarb soda)

180ml liquid castille soap

6 ml lavender essential oil (or whatever takes your fancy)

If you're using washing crystals, give them a good whizz first on their own to reduce the lumpy crystals as much as you can.

Slowly drizzle in the castille soap while whizzing. Add the baking soda and lavender oil and continue to process. It should be "soap powder" like or perhaps a bit more clay like if you use the crystals.

Use 1 tablespoon for an average load and double for a big load. Because it's low on the froth it's safe for me to use in my front loader.

Happy washing...and happy weekending!


Tania said...

Looks like a good recipe and would make it a lot easier using the liquid soap. I often use Lux flakes mixed in with mine. Grating is so time consuming. Looks like an interesting read too.

Kymmie said...

Oh my! I just made my own nut milk and now think I'm going to give this a whirl. THANK YOU.

Then I will truly be Mother Earth.
The. Mother Earth.

Okay, not really. But boy, the environment WILL thank me!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about homemade laundry powder being time consuming to make, who has time to stand there grating soap finely?...I go between using commercial and homemade because of being so time poor at times. This recipe looks fab and it just what I was looking for, thanks for sharing :)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

Oh steph this is brilliant!!! as i returned back from our huge holiday, with huge amounts of washing, i cursed when i noticed my washing powder box down to dust, thinking if only i could make my own!! now i can....i'm off to the shops to stock up and never be out of washing powder again! Hope all is well you with and your lovelies and your growing bub! much love

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I make that too. It's so easy and it works so well. I didn't know about the washing soda so I'll have a look for it in the supermarket today. That would be even easier than the crystals. I LOVE your storage container!

Cassy said...

Perfect! Thanks for sharing those steps on how to make powder soap.

Cassy from Best Online Guitar Lessons

Kylie said...

Bonjour to you Steph, thank you for deciding to follow my little blog (and apologies for my tardy response)
Yours is beautiful. I am definetely going to use your recipes to make my own soap powder (as soon as I finish the mountain of bought stuff stock piled by my husband...he loves a good special!) and lemon butter (our lemon tree is groaning)
And before I say cheerio I must congratulate you on those gorgeous socks. They are wonderful and you are too clever x

Maxabella said...

Lush! I mean, there's about as much chance of me making my own washing powder as there is of me making it to the moon, but STILL. Lush! x

Linda said...

What a great idea! I'd love to try it. Can you tell me how long it lasts you for and for how many people you are washing for - just so I can compare pricewise. Also, do you know a fabric softener recipe? Cheers!

Steph said...

Hi Linda. Thanks for popping in! I haven't really worked out exactly how long it lasts for but it's pretty much the same as thestore bought one as you don't use that much. I'm washing for two adults, a toddler who eats all and sundry and a new bubba...who chucks a lot!
Hope all is lovely in your world :) x

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