Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Play - Bubbles!

Recipe for oodles of fun Ingredients: One high chair, plastic tray on your dining room table, or plastic sheet on the floor, an old plastic bowl, washing up liquid and a smidgen of water. One rained in, going slightly batty due to lack of outside play, poppet. And most importantly, a healthy dose of "let it go" on Mumma's behalf as it will all dry up with the mop and a few tea towels. Method: Put a good squirt of washing up liquid into the old plastic bowl and add a teensy bit of water. Use your fingers (or a whisk) to froth it up into a wonderfully bubbly concoction. Hand over the mixture to your "rained in and slightly batty" child and let the fun begin. Add a few tools for drawing in the bubbles and marvel at the magic of a child learning through play.
Take deep breaths periodically as said child uses the bubbly bowl as a helmet and begins to slap the old tray spraying bubbles across the floor.

Wipe up bubbly mess, smile at your newly cleaned kitchen floor and ponder whether you could move the child to each room of the house to continue your cleaning...ahem...her fun!

Poppet and I are playing along over here.


Cate said...

And no need for a bath after...yay!!! Will definitely give this one a go with my munchkin...thanks for the inspiration :-)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

oh what fun!!! I think i'd love to play with bubbles too!!! Looks like Bijou is having a wonderful time too!!!
Good on you for "letting go"! I get a bit like that when the paints and playdough come out!!!

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