Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Heureux Moi! - { Lucky Me! }

How lucky can one gal be I ask?!! After a thorough spoiling by my beau on mon anniversaire I was delighted and overwhelmed to receive this gorgeous parcel from my very own Melbourne twin.
Bren and I have become blogging besties and to say we have a few things in common is a major understatement. If I wasn't completely certain my Mum only had two kippers I'd swear we share the same d.n.a.! We now have a pen pal thing going on...that is, one of the technological age and dream of one day meeting in person.
All wrapped up in an old paper sewing pattern was a clever fabric roll (this was super useful at my last market to store bits and bobs for sewing in the slow times), a CD of her crafty playlist including a version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" so lovely it made me cry and some magic crocheted goodies. And to think this crafty lovely only started hooking this year....c'est magnifique!

And to top off my heavenly birthday treats this gorgeous personalised journal arrived á la post yesterday from a dear friend in Cairns.

How did she know that I covet an old black singer sewing machine so badly that it often keeps me awake at night! Thanks J for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Miss you :(

Such yummy pressies...such yummy friends! Heureux moi!


Caroline said...

Wow lucky you indeed! I just stopped by to tell you that one of your lovely dolls is in the Brisbane Style magazine (its a freebie mag that I picked up in the city). The doll is in their gift guide (listed as available from Co Design). If you want a copy I can send you the mag. Have a great day!

Kylie said...

What lovely gifts:)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

**blush** - how sweet! I love the journal - and yes that black Singer is worthy of a dream or two!! Judes bedside table is actually an old sewing table and machine folded up inside. must open it up one day and take some snaps. Just read Carolines comment - WOW! get a copy quick smart - you're in print ;-))

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