Saturday, April 10, 2010

La Récompense de Soleil - { The Sunshine Award }

What a beautiful gift I received today whilst on my Saturday morning blog stroll. The delightful and very talented Katia of Plushka's craft nominated me for a Sunshine Blog Award. Please pop into her lovely blog and spend some time there. Hers is a wonderful story of travel and triumph in a new land. She does the most exquisite cross fact, I have a few of her little buttons on order right now. Katia, I would have nominated you too, lovely!

I now have to pass on this lovely award to twelve fellow bloggers who bring me joy. The following kindred spirits are inspiring, funny, honest, exceptionally talented, creative and quirky, happy and full of le joie de vivre! Drum roll please...

Cotton Kiwi
Foxs Lane
Her Library Adventures
Hoo are you lookin' at
Kylie's Craft
Melbourne Epicure
Miss Muggins
Moose and Bird
Posie Patchwork
Retro Mummy
Ric Rac
Selina's Vintage
Sweet Simplicitee

Now to keep the blog love flowing all you have to do is...
1) Send a big merçi to the person who gave it to you
2) Copy the logo and place it pride of place on your can print out a copy for your wall if you want to
3) Link to the person who nominated you
4) Pass it along to 12 other people (I know I've nominated 13 but I just couldn't help it!)
5) Sit back and marvel at the wonder of "Blogsville" and all its delightful inhabitants!


Cotton Kiwi said...

Thanks Steph! What a lovely present :o)

Kathy said...

You are a sweetheart. Thankyou Steph, enjoy your weekend, sending smiles your way!

moose and bird said...

Thanks Steph. I am so honoured and glad that I have now found your blog too. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the creations you come up with. Have a lovely weekend. xo

m.e (Cathie) said...

merci Steph!
so very nice to have found your lovely blog & following your wonderful journey.

thank you for making me smile

Selina said...

Thank you Steph! Very honoured to be considered any one of these things, inspiring, funny, honest, exceptionally talented, creative and quirky, happy and full of le joie de vivre! You've made my day!

Megan said...

hi, i have just come across your blog from Cotton Kiwi- it is gorgeous! i am a bit of a francophile too - one of my fav books is 'the girls guide to finding your inner french girl'! anyway, look forward to reading your blog more, have a great week :)

Little Ted Canvas said...

Congratulations! Thankyou for your lovely comment, we really are so lucky to have found this amazing network of talented, funny & inspirational people in blogland. i look forward to catching up with everyones 'goings on' & incredible creations every it!

Kate said...

Congratulations to you for yours and thank you so much for mine Miss Steph. Yours definitely is a gorgeous, sunshiney, inspiring space. I hope you have a great week. XX

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