Saturday, January 15, 2011

Qld Flood Appeal Auctions

This Raffle is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone who entered!!

I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of lovely crafty ladies out there (even overseas!!!) that have put up their hand to make a softie for our munchkins! Thank you so much for all your incredible support!

And now for my raffle as part of Toni's awesome Qld Flood Appeal Auctions. There is a certain Mademoiselle decked out in her finest waiting patiently to jet off to her new home.

All you have to do is donate $5 for one ticket at the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. And leave a comment with your donation receipt number. If you want more than one entry you'll need to make separate donations and then leave another comment....a weeny bit on the bothersome side but absolutely nothing compared to hosing the inside walls of your house to remove caked on mud! Mmmm...thought you'd understand. :)

I'm going to cover postage and this little draw is open to all people of the globe.

So without further ado...pop over here and donate away! Don't forget to include your receipt number and some way of contacting you in your comment. This draw will close on Wednesday the 26th of January at 12 midday and I'll be in touch with the lucky winner soon after.

And don't forget my "Hope Softies" drive to make wee softies for those children who have lost everything. Jacki of monkeemoomoo has also created a dolly drive too! What a treasure!!

It is in such dark times that humankind shines!


Catherine said...

so lovely Steph
# 3172148

Ellieboo said...

Ooh la la - what a chic dolly. Here is my entry into the draw - and my receipt number is 3173519

Dru Davidson said...

Count me receipt number is 3173719
I'll be making my FIRST softie next week :) Great work Steph!

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

Hello darling - you really are a guardian angel helping those who really need it right on your doorstep! Of course I was off making my donation quick smart;

Receipt number #3172935

You newest Madamoiselle is just gorgeous!! So itching to get my sewing machine back.....
much love to you all xx

Kylie said...

She is beautiful - thanks Steph;)
# 3169229

Daydream Living said...

Hi Steph,
I just joined your blog yesterday, loved it, and I posted about your Hope softies. They are adorable! I will try my hand on making one or more, sewing is still a challenge for me, but for this cause it's worth trying. I will come back later, enjoy the Sunday! (or maybe Monday in your timezone?)
Maureen x

Cate said...

She's so beautiful - I'm sure she will easily find a lovely new home :-)
I've been busy making some little softies of my own for your 'hope softies' project. I will be sending them off to you on mon or tues...ready for a little poppet to squeeze and love :-)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Yes please Steph, merci beaucoup. I know 4 children who would give her a beautiful home.
My receipt #3174355, count me in.
Love Posie

mandy said...

great doll, my receipt number is 3202668, mandy, thanks!

Karen said...

Completely, Completely adorable!
Receipt number 3209100

Chantal said...

She's so sweet! You're doing a lovely job with organising those Hope softies! I'm not much of a sewer so am auctionig prints and hand carved stamps instead : )

receipt # 3209376

Unknown said...

great doll and would be lovely for my daughter.
my reciept number is 2261480, thanks mandi

Anonymous said...

What a lovely person you are. This doll is beautiful!
Thank you for donating such a gorgeous doll:)
my receipt #3224664
many thanks Lisa

Lindsay Conner said...

Too adorable! My receipt number is 3225863. lindsay.conner(at)gmail(dot)com

Karen said...

What a tremendous idea!
My receipt number is 3227278.

Unknown said...

thanks, she is lovely.
Receipt 3229156
israclodagh @ hotmail . com

Susan Leach said...

Just beautiful
Receipt 3231438

Anonymous said...

Wow! How cute is this doll, absolutely stunning. My Receipt #3231876. Good luck everyone

make it perfect said...


Tax Receipt No: 3232185

toni at

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Yippee, i'll take that up to a happy $100 worth of donations & enter again!! Love Posie
receipt #3174061
That's my 20th & last raffle ticket, so wish it luck!!
Happy Australia Day gorgeous famile.

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